Choose the Professionals at Sunrise Restorations for Mold  Remediation in Oliver & Osoyoos BC

While mold contamination cleanup is nothing new, today’s heightened public awareness of real and potential health risks concerning mold is.

If not detected or properly extracted, microbial growth can start within 72 hours where water is allowed to come into contact with building materials. Often unseen by the residents, this growth may stay hidden within the gyprock walls, under the floor, or above the ceiling. The occupant’s first indicator of microbial contamination may be upper respiratory problems, headaches, drowsiness, muscle aches, nosebleeds, or even the coughing up of blood. Many of these health dilemmas are associated with microbial contamination within your living or working space.

While mold spores are virtually impossible to eliminate entirely, mold remediation focuses on stopping the growth, and spread of mold.

How Do We Stop the Growth of Mold?

Sunrise Restorations accomplishes this by first removing all environments conducive to mold growth (moisture sources). Once moisture is gone, the mold is unable to spread to new locations. Remediation then focuses on destroying the food sources for mold (such as wood, gyprock, etc.), which must be then thoroughly cleaned and sealed to ensure that no mold survives.

When damage is severe, it may involve the removal of affected building materials, such as drywall or HEPA air filtration. We use mildewcides and sealants to remove, kill, and contain mold and spores. Mold remediation is a specialized field and should only be done with proper equipment and experience by the professionals at Sunrise Restorations for your home or business in Oliver and Osoyoos.

For more information on the subject of mold, please visit the following EPA page on mold, or contact us today and see how Sunrise Restorations can give you a peace of mind with our mold remediation services in Oliver & Osoyoos BC.

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